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Landscape Family Hotel

Address: No.88 Shengyuan Road Jincheng Street Linan

Tel: 0086-571-23618000

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tupper home - DreamWorks

   The hotel indoor amusement park, dreamworks: a special indoor entertainment area for children, with all kinds of entertainment, let your children play at the same time can learn more things, let's get together successfully plaything. That make a idea of a castle or animals must be full of endless fun for children, in the dreamworks's hand in the workshop, the children can play to your imagination, happy immersed among them, of course, you can also invite your mom and dad together to shape the fairy kingdom. Here and DIY products waiting for you to make the production process of the cultivation of the better the child's ability, imagination, hands and brain and let you in the process of playing at the same time to develop the intelligence.

sea ball pool

remote-controlled helicopter

3D Crystal Path

Solar power transformers


DIY Oil paintings

DIY sand painting

Assembling building blocks

Read the small house

Stepping on a cockroach and whack-a-mole game consoles

Large piling up his building blocks

handwork room

Overhead slides

   Outdoor recreation equipment, outdoor activities for children. We have a variety of different devices, let your child any move back and forth among them, the joy is boundless. Here you can slide, rising, swimming, play sand, etc., and believe you play for a whole day can also have fun. Also when play in training with your baby's imagination, improve the nerve, let your baby more and more brave.

Outdoor amusement park

Dream combination air slide

The fountain

The beach and play pool

Plant maze