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Landscape Family Hotel

Address: No.88 Shengyuan Road Jincheng Street Linan

Tel: 0086-571-23618000

Fax: 0086-571-23619788

77F ~ 93F Light Rain To Sunny more

Hotel Info

Landscape Family Hotel (Hangzhou China) is invested by holding group in fairy tale of the first Chinese features parent-child theme hotel. Hotel with dream as the theme, the design is novel, unique personality. Inside and outside all by different interest pattern of fairy tales is dressed up, vivid, guests enter the hotel is like entering a dreamy fairy tale world; Provide adult needs golf club. 42 hotel parking lot, parking lots, and at the same time, many of the storage battery is equipped with shuttle guests. Dinner in the hotel has little red riding hood restaurant has more than 50 seats, provide buffet breakfast for the guest, selected packages, all kinds of fine pastries, coffee, tea, ice cream, all kinds of drinks, etc.; At the same time provide room service. Hotels in the mountain lake, surrounded by shades, scenery set each other off, for the guest, create a comfortable accommodation environment. Let the kids here is full of surprises, happiness, happiness. Let parents to accompany children experience here belong to the share of the pure, simple and happy childhood, intoxicated hillside the beauty of the lake, enjoy the family fun time.

Landscape Family Hotel (Hangzhou China) set up fairy tale parent-child featured guest rooms of different styles to have superior family room, senior senior family suite, deluxe suite, standard room, luxury suites, parents and children fairy family suites and other rooms 80 rooms. Traffic on the hotel in the east of hangzhou west lake, west anhui huangshan, only half an hour's drive from downtown hangzhou, from hangzhou xiaoshan international airport is only 50 minutes by car, transportation is convenient. Is a family vacation, holiday activities, summer camp, children training, parent-child leisure etc. The best choice!

Fit for children

Family classroomLet the child play various roles in life to carry out the training of all kinds of life common sense

5D MovieAll types of movies to watch

Aviation compositeOutdoor amusement facilities

High-altitude chute combinationOutdoor amusement facilities

Children's outdoor play and fitness centerOutdoor amusement facilities

Happy valleyBubble ball hall, climbing wall, multimedia learning, story

Dream worksPainted sculpture, LABS, silly putty, etc

The beachSuitable for children free to play

Graffiti wallFree play is suitable for children to create their own works

Play poolSuitable for children playing free water